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Inspiration is a school and non-profit community and service organization that is dedicated to serving personal, relational and planetary wellness.
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MISSION STATEMENTAugust 4th, 2014 Inspiration is dedicated to serving the emergence of personal, relational, and planetary wholeness. Recognizing the intimate connection among all living beings, we...

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Inspiration’s Principal Teaching

I am you. You are me.

This is so for us and for everything else in existence.
I am everything and you are everything.
And this everything is yearning and working to create a way to express itself uniquely through the unique form it created in each of us.
It is possible for a human being to awaken, to become fully conscious.


Inspiration in Service Campaign: Action Beyond the Classroom

Awakening Class Fall 2015

Starts Wednesday, September 30th.

Awakening is the primary class of Inspiration Consciousness School. It promotes grounding and expansive opening. People at any stage of inquiry, from beginners to master teachers, have taken this course to create rapid holographic paradigm shifts in their lives. Each class meeting inspires the awakening of the core energies found in the body’s nerve centers.

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Upcoming Events

September 9th: Bridge Class for Awakening Graduates

September 10th: Twelve Step Meeting

September 13th: Co-Species Relating: Cultivating Conscious Evolution between human and non-human animals.

September 17th: Men's Circle (Prerequisite of Bodhi or Essence Class)

September 19th: Sweat Lodge

September 20th: Potential of Breath

September 23rd: Bridge Class for Awakening Graduates

September 30th: Awakening Class Begins

October 8th: Twelve Step Meeting

October 14th: Bridge Class for Awakening Graduates

October 15th: Men's Circle (Prerequisite of Bodhi or Essence Class)

October 17th: Conscious Eating Workshop

October 18th: Five Day Breath Immersion at Kripalu (scroll down for details)

October 28th: Bridge Class for Awakening Graduates

November 6th-8: Awakening Weekend Retreat

November 11th: Twelve Step Meeting

November 11th: Bridge Class for Awakening Graduates

November 19th: Men's Circle (Prerequisite of Bodhi or Essence Class)

November 21st: Awakening to the Dream Workshop (Prerequisite Awakening Class)

December 5th: New One Year Spiritual Apprenticeship Class Begins (Prerequisite Awakening Class)

December 10th: Twelve Step Meeting

December 17th: Men's Circle (Prerequisite of Bodhi or Essence Class)

December 19th: Winter Solstice Celebration

Breath Immersion 2015: Science to Samadhi
Breath as friend, healer, lover, teacher and awakener.

We are pleased to announce that this event will take place at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts

October 18 to 23, 2015

International faculty and participants will create a groundbreaking community that benefits from the full spectrum of ancient and modern breathing practices for cultivating profound and enduring personal, relational and planetary wellness!
faculty: Stan Grof, Shirley Telles, Jessica Dibb, Dan Siegel, Dr. Richard Brown, Dr. Patricia Gerbarg, Jim Morningstar, Carol Lampman, Binnie Dansby, Jeanne Denney, Rabia Hayek, Petri Berndston, Alice Wells, Jeremy Youst.

We welcome participants, both new and experienced in the “breath” field to this depthful, visionary doorway to healing and evolution –curious beginners, people wanting quantam leaps in personal transformation, and health professionals interested in incorporating Breathwork into their practices.

This is a highly experiential, educational and collaborative event that explores:

• Breath as friend, healer, teacher, lover and awakener

• The potential of breath in each stage of life - conception, birth, infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, s-aging and dying….

• Breath as guide and nutrient for enhanced relationship resonance, parenting, sexuality, creativity, service and social activism

• Breath as FREE medicine for particular physical, emotional and cognitive imbalances

• Breath as unifying language for the human species, race, gender, sexual-orientation, political orientation, spiritual path, sexual orientation, temperament, inter- species communication, and more

• Breath as doorway to Consciousness, mystical states, and Enlightenment

Additional breakout sessions:

• The variety of breath modalities.

• Becoming a Breathworker

• For Breathworkers - supervision from master Breathworkers, developing practices, contributing to public visibility of Breathwork

• For Breathwork Schools- enhanced learning and global collaboration, professionalism, and participating in research

CEUs available
Tuition: $675
please contact us at or 410-998-9777

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