Inspiration Community & Consciousness School

Inspiration is a school and non-profit community and service organization that is dedicated to serving personal, relational and planetary wellness.

Past Accomplishments

  • The Unified Global Breathwork Movement was initiated in the fall of 2013, at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies at a conference entitled, Breathwork Immersion: From Science to Samadhi, led by Jessica Dibb. Faculty, including Dan Siegel, MD, Stanislav Grof, Jack Kornfield, Jim Morningstar and Dr. Richard Brown and Dr. Patricia Gerbarg, gathered from around the country and the world to celebrate the power of breath, and share their wisdom and experience in the field. Along with Jessica, over 20 students of the Inspiration Consciousness School attended the conference. Pat Waddell, Kappy Laning, Alice Wells, Heather Davis, Sindee Ernst, Lauren Chelac Cafritz, Paul Philips ,Carol Seddon, Kathy Sirota and Barbara Morris all attended as assistants to the conference, for which they received much recognition and praise by the faculty and participants.
    Jessica’s vision, tremendous dedication and labor, and inspired unifying leadership led to not only a successful first conference, but the inception of a 5 year series of conferences, all of which will be hosted by Omega. Inspiration now finds itself at the helm of an international movement seeking to bring awareness of the potent medicine of breath in its many forms to the larger world. Work on the Omega Breathwork Immersion Conference 2014 to be held on august 24-29 has already begun! Contact the Inspiration Office Coordinator, at if you would like to volunteer.
  • Coordinated and directed the February 2012 Inaugural Breathwork Summit and Teleconference – hosted by the Shift Network
  • Sponsored and participated in The New York Silent Peace Walk on October 7th, 2012. Jessica was a co-leader along with founders Jack Kornfield and Stephen Fulder, as well as Rabbis, Imams, Ministers, sufis, and social justice activists.  Alice Wells, Shelley Morhaim, Rita Singer, and Kim Holcomb from Inspiration were facilitators for the sharing circles at the end of the walk.  
  • Honored the themes of unity, dialogue, and peacemaking during Reflection and Hope: A Ten Year Anniversary Event for 9/11
  • Raised $15,000 for the TEMEDT project to abolish slavery in Mali. The founder of Temedt, Ibrahim, is the 2012 award recipient of the Anti-Slavery Society of England
  • Hosted the world-renowned band Animal Collective for 3 months while they wrote new music and prepared for their 2013 tour

    Jessica Dibb with Animal Collective
  • Inititated our first psycho-spiritual teacher training program
  • Hosted the 6-day annual board meeting of The International Breathwork Training Alliance (IBTA)
  • Kirtan with Bo Lozoff and Adan Ayala
  • We continue to enjoy the participation of interns from the Goucher College psychology department