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Creative Artists

Creative Artists

Bob Sima

When Bob Sima opens his mouth to sing what comes out is far beyond the human sounds of a warm and soulful voice, yep, there’s more. A story, a nudge, a reminder, an angle on something very familiar you probably have never considered the way he presents it. What draws you in is his warm yet powerful voice, but once inside, you are often transformed. He is a poet, observer, scribe, sometimes reluctant healer all bundled up into one singing songwriting bundle of energy so tapped in…he kinda needs a glass. His right hand slaps the guitar in a seemingly casual fashion, usually in rhythm with all of the toes in the room. Bob is a different kind of singer-songwriter, there is more than the songs, there is more than the voice, there is more than the stories, yes there is more. Bob truly moves his audiences. He moves their hearts and minds and his concerts are known for evoking full range of emotion. Bob is probably more influenced by the likes of Rumi and Gandhi as he is by Dylan or Guthrie. He has been asked to perform at events where his music was the theme, including the “Be The Change National Conference” where he shared the stage with NY Times best selling author, speaker and peace activist; Marianne Williamson. He has also shared the stage with British Author Peter Russell and several other luminaries.

How Inspiration Helped Me: I finished writing the song “Shine” which is a song about awakening, while taking the 8 week class. My life has been forever transformed from the teachings and experiential immersion of that class. It opened me up in ways I didn’t even know were closed to me and gave me a lifetime-season pass to the universe! The lyrics below, illustrate the power of the 8 week class and Jessica’s teachings. It has transformed me forever and I am spending the rest of my life, passing on the messages in song to assist in the awakening of others.

The lyrics :

If you let your guard down, long enough, you might just like what lets itself on in
If you open the door just a crack or 2 you get a flash of what you’ve been missing
These days and days have turned into years, and the years that have built these walls
And that little ol’ crack lets in a sea of light, and then there’s color
And you let it Shine….
And then the darkness, the one you’ve called your friend, will no longer be listening
They say there’s no greater gift than feelings lost and found again
It’s your right, it’s your essence it’s your rainbow, it’s your golden vibe
So you let it shine….
When you reach up, and you reach for the stars that are father than they’ve ever been
You raise your hand and you raise your heart and then you’re finally listening
To that voice, that little ol’ voice, the one that screams, like a lion
And you let it shine….