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Barbara Morris

Statement of Practice

Integrative breathing is a safe and simple way to trigger experiences of deeper consciousness that open us to self-awareness and spiritual understanding. Barbara assists in facilitating this process in a nurturing environment.

Inspiration Training
Barbara is a senior Practitioner at Inspiration. She was in the first class of integrative breathwork practitioners, trained by Jessica Dibb, spiritual director of the Inspiration Community. Barbara also studied under one of the pioneers of breathwork, Stan Groff, M.D., at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. She is also a certified teacher on the Inspiration School faculty and teaches the Mandala Workshop: A Path of Sacred Art.

Barbara received a Masters Degree from Johns Hopkins University in education and minored in guidance and counseling. She is an experienced educator, having taught in elementary education in the county and private school setting for 33 years. Barbara has had additional education in psychology dealing with personality disorders at The Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital.

Barbara is active in the community as a speaker, counselor, teacher, artist, jewelry designer and healer. She is a wife and mother of four wonderful children and a grandmother as well. She is currently creating mandalas for their beauty and meditative qualities.

Contact Info:

Private practice in The Villages, Florida


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