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Heather Davis

Statement of Practice:

Breathing practices come in many forms and can be the most powerful means to experiencing presence, healing and transformation. Integrative Breathwork is a safe, potent and restorative process that works deeply and effectively to bring awareness to what needs expression, healing or transformation on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Heather sees each person as their own greatest healer and recognizes that everything needed to support life and personal growth is inside each of us. With focused awareness on the breath, body, heart and mind through breathing, movement and meditation, clients are guided to deepen and expand their own natural breathing patterns and work directly with what arises each moment. Heather pays particular attention to the subtleties of what the breath reveals, through observation, attentive listening and collaboration. Working intimately with the breath invites free expression, release and integration of deep emotional or mental patterns, as well as ecstatic states of joy, love and gratitude. Studies are revealing that simple breathing techniques can restore balance in the body’s nervous system promoting well being, relaxation, restoration and enhanced relationships while reducing symptoms of anxiety, asthma, stress, trauma, drug addiction & addictive behavior, insomnia, overwhelm, TMJ, , , much more. Heather works with individuals and groups using various breathing practices to promote wellness, healing and vibrant living. She also leads retreat getaways several times a year. Please feel free to schedule an appointment or contact Heather.

Inspiration training:
Heather is a former Inspiration board member. She attended The 8 Week Course at Inspiration in Fall 2001, has never looked back and still attends classes today. She began her in depth study and training as an Integrative Breathwork Practitioner in 2004 at The Inspiration Consciousness School with Jessica Dibb and received GPBA certification in 2010.

Other training:
Breath~Body~Mind© using Coherent Breathing (created by Dr. Richard Brown and Patricia Gerbarg) Teachers Training for Stress and Trauma, 2012. Heather has 25 years of experience as a certified Doula, supporting families before, during and after birth. She completed the 120 hour Basic Massage Program at the Baltimore School Of Massage in 2000 and also trained in Reiki Levels I & II, with Diane Stein in 1997.

Heather lives live to the fullest with her family in Eldersburg Md. She enjoys spending time with her husband, 2 daughters and grandson. She began practicing meditation and breathwork at age 6. Gourmet vegetarian cooking, long walks in nature, gardening, bee keeping, camping, sewing, studying herbal medicine, Native American culture and holistic health are ongoing passions. Family, friends and community are so precious! Doula work is still dear to her heart.

Contact Info:

Private practice at Inspiration Sanctuary in Owings Mills, MD and The Center for Integrative Medicine at the Kernan campus of the University of Maryland.


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