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Kathryn Yarborough

Statement of Practice

Kathryn is committed to supporting her clients on their journey of healing, awakening, and conscious co-creation. She integrates her training and experience as a dance/movement therapist and manifestation coach, with her integrative breathwork practice. However, Kathryn has found that integrative breathwork is so potent that often nothing else is needed. She is grateful for every opportunity to share this transformative healing modality with a willing client.

Inspiration Training
Kathryn has been a student in the school since Spring of 2002. She intends to continue to be a student until full enlightenment.

Other Training
Kathryn became a board certified dance/movement therapist in 1996 after completing the alternate route requirements of the American Dance Therapy Association. As part of those requirements, she took one year of coursework at Hahnemann University as well as various other classes with dance/movement therapists. She has a MFA in dance from Smith College and a BA in French from Clemson University. She worked for almost four and a half years as a clinical dance/movement therapist at St. Joseph Medical Center in Towson on their eating disorder and general psychiatry units. She’s had a private practice since 2001. She runs Flowing with Change – an online membership program for people who want to be proactive with change.

Contact Info:

Private practice in Florida.


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