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Laura Tomacari

Statement of Practice

Laura believes that breath is a covenant with the divine. It is a doorway to living a more fully alive and vibrant life. She invites the individual to live into their own authenticity while learning to listen more deeply to their three centers: the mind, heart, and body. Stemming from her background in Existential Humanistic psychology, she aims to experience an authentic, honest, and caring relationship with her clients, in order to create an environment where the breather will experience the freedom to explore and discover their own unique “Self” while integrating genuine, open and healthier ways of being-in-the-world.

Laura has studied the path of awakening while exploring the nature of consciousness with Inspiration for over 10 years. She began her formal training as a breathwork practitioner in 2005. She continues to attend an advanced spiritual practice class that has been ongoing for over 5 years. She believes deeply in the power of collective energy to awaken deeper aspects of consciousness. She served on the board of directors at Inspiration as secretary for 5 years.

Laura has a bachelor’s degree in existential, humanistic psychology from Goucher College. She earned a Master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola University. She is a LCPC, a licensed clinical professional counselor in the state of Maryland. She has trained for over 10 years with multiple Reiki masters including Tom Rigler and Irmansyah Effendi MSc. She is a practitioner of the healing art of Reiki. She is a student of awakening through her work with the Padmachahya institute and Tummo Reiki. Laura is a certified integrative Breathworker. She has a strong background in traditional clinical training with a deep respect for complementary healing modalities. Laura worked as a grief counselor at a hospice in Anne Arundel County for 4 years. She now has a private integrative psychotherapy practice in Howard County where she utilizes her skills as a therapist, Reiki practitioner and Breathworker and spiritual seeker.

Laura’s commitment to physical health through yoga, dance, eating alive, whole foods and cross training informs her work with her clients by encouraging them to further embody their own vibrant physicality. Laura has a minor in fine arts and creates art in 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional mediums. She is passionate about travel and loves exploring the world, its people, and all cultures. She is a happy devoted wife and mother. She is a student of life and is committed to striving to be a conscious, loving, present and fully alive parent. She constantly marvels at the miracle of creation in all things great and small.

Contact info:

443-415-0246 (currently Laura is on sabbatical but would be happy to make referrals.) environmental working group (this website will change your life) (this one will too)