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Lauren Chelec Cafritz

Statement of Practice

I am passionate about helping people achieve optimal health, mental clarity and joy using the power of breath. I have found that harnessing the full potential of the breath empowers us and provides us with emotional and physical healing.

Breathwork has rejuvenated my own life. Many years ago, after our son was born, I woke up unable to move my neck. A friend brought me to his breathworker and she helped me to release the tension and pain with specific breathing patterns. Not only did the pain melt away, but also I felt a renewed sense of energy and spiritual connection. This transformational experience launched me on a ten-year study of different breathwork methods and eventually to start a teaching practice so I could share this rejuvenation and joy with others.

I am a practitioner of many schools of breathwork. I continually seek and study new methods to deepen my own understanding and practice and to help my clients. My certifications are in Integrative and Transformational Breathwork.

I am client-focused, nurturing, and compassionate. I create a safe, caring, and healing environment to help you explore and deepen your breath and improve your health. I believe that practicing a big, full breath will bring you a bigger, fuller life.

Inspiration Training
Studying and training since 2002 and  certified as an Integrative Breathworker

Other Training
Certified in Transformational Breathwork

Contact Info:

Private practice in Washington, DC.