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Paul Phillips


Paul PhillipsStatement of Practice

My orientation has underpinnings with a large focus on the Essential dimension of human experience. I’ve been a long-term guide in the Essence class and I focus significantly on the cultivation of Essence qualities: love, radiance, beauty, wisdom, guidance, joy, strength, peace, and alignment. As a Breathworker, I like to focus with clients on being present in the here and now, present in the body. While bringing in the Essence qualities, I like to focus on leaning into curiosity about what’s happening in the in the here and now and how that ties into earlier experiences. Always, I let the client guide me in the direction that s/he wants to take the session.

Inspiration Training
I have been doing Breathwork and working with Inspiration since 1989.  I have completed the primary curriculum at Inspiration, including the Bodhisattva class in 1991 and the Breathwork intensive in 2007.  I am currently a member of an ongoing Bodhisattva group as well as the Essence Emerging inner work group. I serve as the lead guide with the Essence class.

Other Training
I have a Master’s in Engineering as well as an undergraduate background that highlights studies in Psychology. In addition to having done Holotropic Breathwork, I have been exposed to some modalities practiced in other Breathwork schools through work with some members of the International Breathwork Training Alliance (IBTA). As a long-term member of The Heathcote Community, I’ve developed skills related to conflict resolution, consensus building, and communication.

I was a member of Heathcote Community for over 14 years which has taught me a great deal about conflict resolution, consensus, and communication. I am an active member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).  I am an amateur musician and love listening to music and attending live musical events.

Contact Info:

Private practice in Timonium, MD


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