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Rory Turner

Statement of Practice

Breathwork creates an opportunity for people to experience and realize the full extent of their gifts and possibilities. I work with a wide variety of clients to unconditionally support their value and to be an ally to their growth and integration. Through breathwork, my clients have been able to discover their irreducible capacity for presence, wisdom, and love.

Using breathwork as the key doorway, Inspiration provides a frame where people can experience and witness the deepest truths of our being. My gratitude for this is inestimable, and the integrity with which we are able to strive and abide in essence is a real achievement not to be taken for granted. Through Inspiration I have developed some of the key relationships in my life and found a place where I am encouraged and held accountable to move beyond my narrow perspectives and sense of self to really be available and of service to all with which I am connected.

I have seen clients make radical and powerful changes in their lives. They have grown in kindness, depth, and confidence, and I am humbled by their wisdom. For me, breathwork is about authenticity and contact. For my clients, I have been privileged to witness and appreciate them experiencing and expressing their own unique and sacred deep presence and vitality.The immediacy and visceral nature of breathwork is unsurpassed. Allowing the full spectrum of human experience, breathwork is complementary and supportive of any other practice or path. Further, its nature really lies beyond or perhaps behind any doctrine or orthodoxy, and can be a tool for deeper existence in relationship to almost any path of growth and human development.

Inspiration Training
Rory has been a student in Inspiration classes since 2003, and was certified to practice in 2010. He has assisted and guided in a number of Awakening and Essence classes.

Other Training
Rory Turner, Ph.D. received his doctorate in Folklore from Indiana University and teaches courses in cultural anthropology at Goucher College. He co-founded and directed the Maryland Traditions program from 2000-2007. Rory has been playing hand drums for over twenty five years, and co-founded and led the Baltimore International Rhythm and Drumming Society.

Ritual, festivals, performance, religious experience, music, shamanism, cultural sustainability, and communities.

Contact Info:

Private practice in Towson, MD.


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