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Inspiration is a school and non-profit community and service organization that is dedicated to serving personal, relational and planetary wellness.

Sindee Ernst

Sindee Ernst

Statement of Practice

My focus is to support individuals to feel fully alive, free of constricting thoughts and habits, and open to the experience of grace.  My practice is aimed at helping you access your unrestricted source of energy and experience all aspects of your being.  I work with you to explore and bring curiosity to your issues and desires and take on the challenge of looking deeply at patterns and possibilities through the avenues that become available when using breath to access your visceral experience, combined with the awareness provided by our conversation.

Inspiration Training
My experience at Inspiration has included both attending and serving as a guide for classes.  I am an Inspiration Certified Breathwork Practitioner.

In addition to Breathwork, I support personal growth and transformation through memoir writing with the Memoir Medley.  I love to write, dance, play music, and take part in community art projects. I am also the creator of The Truth Project, please click here to check it out.

Contact Info:

Private practice in Owings Mills, MD.