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Accessing & Integrating Essence

with Russ Hudson & Jessica Dibb

Whether you call it consciousness, Essence, or the Sacred, everything is One, yet it expresses itself in nine profound and multifaceted ways. During the workshop participants will learn about nine pathways to realization and embodied Essence, the characteristic blockages to awakening and integration, and specific practices to move through these blocks.

Each domain will be experienced by the participants through 1) a transmission meditation 2) elucidations of the core suffering, integration, transparent veil, and missing piece of each domain, and 3) deep physical, emotional, and cognitive inner work to give an embodied experience of that domain of Essence.

This workshop is a unique integration of Enneagram theory and experiential practice. It focuses on a wellness and strengths-based model of the Enneagram in which participants can embody all nine domains of Essence.

Russ Hudson is an internationally respected teacher and co-author with Don Riso of The Wisdom of the Enneagram.

Location: Ripley-Grier Studios 520 8th Avenue New York City, New York 10018

Prerequisites: None, but experience with the Enneagram is highly recommended, in addition to reading the book, Wisdom of the Ennegram

Tuition: $390

Next workshop date and time TBD

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