Inspiration Community & Consciousness School

Inspiration is a school and non-profit community and service organization that is dedicated to serving personal, relational and planetary wellness.


For over 30 years thousands of people’s lives have been transformed by learning to experience unconditional love, inner guidance and embodied presence in each moment, with every breath.

Awakening is the primary class of the School. It promotes grounding and expansive opening. People at any stage of inquiry- from beginners to master teachers- have taken this course to create rapid holographic paradigm shifts in their lives.
This powerful eight-week program promotes profound personal growth and transformation. Awakening is tailored to support each participant’s journey in order to enhance their personal life experiences through awakening every sense, feeling and thought.  Each person discovers the delight of BEING themselves fully; how to access love wisdom and presence though every breath; and how to bring their unique gifts to their lives and to the world.

Class Themes:

  • Presence and Kinesthetic Aliveness
  • Emotional Expression, Sexuality, and Generative Growth
  • Will and Empowerment
  • Love and Relating to Others
  • Self-Expression and Creativity
  • Wisdom, Intuition, and Dissolving Limiting Boundaries
  • Surrender and Union with Essence/Life Force/the Sacred

Transformations occur physically, emotionally, and cognitively, leading to the deconstruction of fear-based behaviors and the cultivation of emergent and evolutionary ways of being. The instructor supports students’ exploration of presence and awakening to their essential selves using didactic teaching, intuitive transmissions, meditations, Breathwork, self-inquiry, movement, dreams, inner journeys, experiential work, and teachings from the world’s wisdom traditions. The class creates a potent and safe setting for each participant’s journey. The group process is rich and dynamic, the instructor provides highly individualized attention, and the course guides offer a loving and consistent container of support. Even decades later many say that this course was their single most powerful experience in creating and accelerating healing, as well as fostering profound realization.

 Awakening features:

  • Breathwork and Breath Awareness
  • Life Energies (Chakras) Development
  • Self-inquiry and understanding
  • Self-healing and transformation
  • Meditations (stillness to dynamism)
  • Conscious Eating
  • Wisdom Teachings
  • Cultivating Intuition
  • Dreams as Guides
  • Transmission
  • Movement/dance/kinesthetic aliveness and embodiment
  • Discovering the unique “Sacredness” of each person
  • …and more

For optimal integration of the topics covered in this course, 3 Integrative Breathwork Sessions are required during the class. Fees vary depending on the practitioner. Students choose the range they can afford.

Format: the class meets for four hours (6:30pm – 10:30pm) once a week for eight weeks, plus one weekend residential retreat.
Spring 2018 dates: Begins Tuesday, April 24th and runs consecutively every Tuesday until June 12th. Overnight weekend retreat is Friday, May 25th – Sunday, May 27th

Tuition: $550.00

Early Bird Rate: $500.00 when paid in full by April 20th, 2018

Payment Plans Available – contact us at

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Alternatively, checks for either a deposit of $80 or for full payment can also be made out to Jessica Dibb and mailed to the Inspiration Community at 9721 Sherwood Farm Rd., Owings Mills, MD 21117.

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