Inspiration Community & Consciousness School

Inspiration is a school and non-profit community and service organization that is dedicated to serving personal, relational and planetary wellness.

Internationally Certified Breathwork Training

 & Psycho Spiritual Facilitation Training


Inspiration is honored to present a state of the art 800+ hour training program for people who feel a calling to use breath and other powerful modalities to support others in their journeys towards integrating love, wisdom and presence in every moment of their lives.

This path includes extensive training in psychodynamic principles, kinesthetic process and expanded states of consciousness. Also included is a deep element of Bodhisattva principles and training to support the practitioner’s capacity to be present to boundless suffering and boundless joy while abiding in integrated being.

We are delighted to offer a faculty that is comprised of our primary teacher Jessica Dibb, adjunctive faculty, and over 15 certified Breathworkers who serve as mentors.


  •  Awakening
  • One Year Spiritual Apprenticeship
  • Essence
  • Bodhisattva
  • Seven Day Intensive
  • One Year of continuing education classes, monthly
  • Extensive Supervision
  • Individualized Completion Project

Upon Inspiration certification, graduates are automatically qualified for international certification. Inspiration practitioners are an engaged, constantly evolving, intimate community that is a very supportive of each other as well as challenging each other’s evolution. There are opportunities to meet in person and online for peer supervision, personal sharing and support, clinical supervision and continuing education.

Please contact for more details about curriculum, hours, tuition etc.

We offer this training with deep reverence for those who are called to journey with others to the center of their beings to support them in bringing forth the gifts of their authentic nature into every cell of their body, every feeling of their heart, every thought of their mind, every atom of their spirit and every action of their life.






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