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Mandala Workshop: A Path of Sacred Art

Mandala Workshop: A Path of Sacred Art

Cost: $100, please bring your own lunch and smock.

Location: 8511 Topping Rd. Baltimore, MD 21208

Constact: Barbara Morris

(410) 486-0567

Discover that you, and anyone, can express the deepest beauty and song of your soul through the process of Mandala Art. You are invited to heal or enhance your relationship with creativity, and reveal your capacity to make visible symbols of your awakened states of consciousness.

Come learn how to paint Mandalas. If you can draw a circle and a square you are on the path to creating your own spiritual masterpiece. Awaken your awareness of your true self and your connection to essence through the colorful and sparkling effects of the Mandala. We will use this ancient Tibetan sacred art to focus our attention for periods of in-class meditation.

Let the Mandala lead you to self-discovery

  • Births creativity not only in mandalas but in every aspect of life
  • Express inner states of consciousness and awakening in form
  • Expand your awareness through color
  • Community of support for moving to the next level
  • Healing the inner child from wounds of not being allowed creativity
  • Developing meditation skills through “seeing” the mandala

About the Instructor:

Barbara trained under Paul Huessenstamm, the renowned international spiritual artist and teacher. Barbara has been painting for over 30 years, and has focused exclusively on Mandalas for the past several years. She is an Integrative Breathwork Practitioner, trained by Jessica Dibb and certified by the International Breathwork Training Alliance. She is also a member of the Inspiration Consciousness School and Community.
Barbara says “my goal for teaching mandala workshops is to open up each painter to the magic of creation and intuition that lies within. Creating a work of art has empowered me. When I am painting I am filled with vitality and ecstasy. My paintings are a creative expression of my passion for nature, color, and transformation. Mandalas are alive, breathing, pulsing, dancing, and glowing; carrying the forces of the unconscious.”

Each person should bring, their own lunch, paper towels or rags, glass jar, two paper plates, pencil, pen, compass, ruler, and a smock or old clothes to paint in. Barbara will supply all the paint and the canvas.

Tuition: $100 which includes the paint and 12″ x 12″ canvas that will be provided.

For questions or to enroll, please contact us at
or contact Barbara directly at (410)486-0567