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Co-Species Relating

Cultivating Physical, Emotional, Cognitive and Spiritual Evolution between Human and Non-Human Animals

The potential for co-species communication and evolution is beginning to gain scientific recognition and deeper engagement by people with compassion and appreciation for all life. This workshop helps participants support the inner journeys and life purposes of non-human animals. It provides inspiration and practical tools for understanding how to partner with animals on their paths of development and spiritual unfolding. The class will include:

  • communicating with animals
  • attuning to an animal’s spiritual path and life purpose
  • supporting animal health conventionally, holistically, and spiritually
  • animal birth and death
  • animals as companions, healers, students, teachers, and soul mates
  • animals’ stewardship of the Earth
  • a unique model of animal stages of development. Mandalas are created to explore the journey of an animal in your life or consciousness

Format: Day-long class.

Future class TBD

Prerequisites: None

Tuition: $135

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“Jessica creates a field of pure love when she relates to animals in which a dynamic relationship can thrive and blossom.”
– Pat Waddell