Inspiration Community & Consciousness School

Inspiration is a school and non-profit community and service organization that is dedicated to serving personal, relational and planetary wellness.

The Whole Awakened Self

A newly conceived three day Breathwork Training and Intensive Honoring Deeper Potentials in the Breathwork Journey
with Jessica Dibb and Jim Morningstar

How breathwork guides us from trauma to enlightenment on our personal and planetary journey

March 24-26, 2018

at Inspiration Consciousness School,
9721 Sherwood Farm Rd.
Owings Mills, MD

~ Breathing in Continual Presence and how it neurologically affects your brain
~ From boundarylessness of trauma to the boundlessness of enlightenment
~ Revealing the hidden potential in breathwork
~ Breathworker as planetary healer

This workshop is appropriate for any of the following tracks:

1. People who wish to do deep and extraordinary work on their personal life story, any trauma, and their potential for Awakening
2. People who feel called to contribute more intentionally and skillfully to collective and planetary shifts in consciousness.
3. Professionals (Breathworkers, Therapists, Spiritual Directors, etc) who wish to deepen their understanding, and gain skills, for how Breathwork can be used with clients to heal trauma and open to deep potentials of self-actualization and Awakening

March 24th 1 to 10 pm
March 25th 10 to 8 pm
March 26th 10 to 6 pm

Tuition: $465, includes vegetarian dinner on Saturday, lunch and dinner on Sunday and lunch on Monday
indoor and outdoor camping, with showers and kitchen access available for $25/night

Email for questions

The Whole Awakened Self Workshop