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Thriving: Beyond Surviving Sexual Abuse

Thriving: Beyond Surviving Sexual Abuse

This workshop facilitates dynamic and nurturing transformational experiences for people who have lived through sexual abuse. Through sharing, learning, meditation, psychodrama, guided imagery, healing ritual, singing, dancing, and conscious
Breathwork, participants will explore:

  • releasing tension, pain, and anger, leading to new energies and insights
  • healing our relationship with our bodies
  • opening to mind, body, and feeling memories
  • learning new behaviors and perspectives
  • allowing the inner child/children/people to express and be received with safety and love
  • experiencing our essential divinity
  • sexual wellness
  • healthy intimacy
  • embracing wholeness

The curriculum is designed to accelerate healing for individuals with a wide variety of abuse backgrounds and/or dissociative strategies.

Format: Four day-long workshops, plus a residential weekend over the course of four months.

Schedule: Future class date and time TBD

Tuition: $750

Flexible payment options available with $100 deposit