Inspiration Community & Consciousness School

Inspiration is a school and non-profit community and service organization that is dedicated to serving personal, relational and planetary wellness.

The Seven Energy Centers

Whether called chakras (Hinduism), the Sephirot of Jewish Kabbalah, the seven mansions of the interior castle of St. Teresa, or other names, the concept of seven energy centers seem to be a universal experience of human awakening.

Presence and Kinesthetic Aliveness— Many paradigms consider the body and physical reality to be limiting, but there is an experience of embodiment in which physical reality is experienced as the ultimate flowering of consciousness. At Inspiration we use exercises and explorations to have visceral, kinesthetic contact with the vibrancy and power of every cell and each moment.

Emotional Expression, Sexuality, and Generative Growth— The desire for intimate contact and movement with life is inherent from the moment we are born. Many paths talk about the limitations of desire. While this can be true, it is also true that the soul yearns to flower, to participate. Freeing the essential yearnings of our True Selves from shame is pivotal to becoming what we can be. We need to experience abundantly and without hesitation the sweet, powerful, creative attributes of sexual energy, as well as the ability to receive physical, emotional, and cognitive nutrients for learning and transformation.

Will and Empowerment— Accomplishing our deepest and most profound visions is deeply satisfying and fulfilling. It brings power, potency, and joy to human life. It empowers human activity that is in alignment with right action, bringing wholeness, integrity, and expanding possibilities to life. In order to do this, we must experience the physical strength in our bellies, the laughter and joy that come from achievement, and the freed drive and will of our soul’s purpose.

Love and Relating to Others— Everything is born from one field of being and there is an inherent wild love that cherishes the totality of life. The deepest need of all life is to remember and be its True Nature freely and in each moment. In a conscious human being this wild love becomes the fearless and relentless commitment to respond to the need for awakening in oneself and the other in every moment. Unconditional in nature, there are no circumstances in which this would not be true.

Self-Expression and Creativity— The creative life force and the vibrations of existence give birth to physical form, ideas, speech, art, and service. When we release fear-based habits, we open pathways to conveying all our expressions, movements, and choices in a manner that is authentic, inspiring, relaxed, and in service to the highest good of all, including ourselves.

Wisdom, Intuition, and Dissolving Limiting Boundaries— When we are fully here and have discovered the capacity to remain present with everything that comes our way—even fear—we experience a state of fearlessness that makes it possible to clearly sense the actions that serve the highest good. Real and enduring intuition arises when kinesthetic, emotional, and cognitive Truth are aligned. This vision perceives pathways that include and transcend current paradigms and initiate new ones.

Surrender and Union with the Divine, Essence— It is possible to kinesthetically experience being here in both form and formlessness in any place, at any time, in any situation. This can be experienced as mystical union, boundlessness, pure awareness, infinite spaciousness, God or Goddess, or the inherent emptiness of all phenomena.