Inspiration Community & Consciousness School

Inspiration is a school and non-profit community and service organization that is dedicated to serving personal, relational and planetary wellness.

Domains of Consciousness

Everything in existence is arising from the same substance, energy—The One. It is clear to see that this One manifests in an infinite variety of ways. Moreover, human beings have noticed themes of these various manifestations. For instance, many lineages recognize the dualistic manifestation of The One: form and formlessness, stillness and dynamism, light and dark, masculine and feminine. Many lineages also refer to a Triune nature of life. Examples are Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; Maiden, Mother, and Crone; Creating, Sustaining, and Destroying, as in Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver, and Shiva the destroyer.

Our discoveries and journeys have led us to recognize the inherent dynamism and ever-changing nature of existence while experiencing something that is constant and ever-present. We acknowledge the Oneness, dualism, triune consciousness, the Law of Seven, and an ongoing dynamism that leads to infinite possibilities when we recognize what we call the nine essential domains of consciousness.

We observe that these nine domains can be noticed in everything from human, animal, and plant life to art, politics, religious traditions, families, and cultures. Examples of qualities from each domain are: potency, peace, alignment, love, radiance, depth, clarity, guidance, and joy. At Inspiration students use exercises, music, poetry, invocations, movement, breath and meditation to experience all nine domains and to open to aspects of our being that were previously pushed away. This allows for the full expression of love, wisdom, and presence without aversion for any gifts or possibilities.