Inspiration Community & Consciousness School

Inspiration is a school and non-profit community and service organization that is dedicated to serving personal, relational and planetary wellness.


Vibrant physical health can support our spiritual path, just as a spiritual path can support greater physical health. Many in the human potential movement or spiritual paths have become passionate advocates for the notion that all illness is created in the mind. At Inspiration, we embrace every aspect of Reality and reject the perception that one realm is higher than another (e.g., the mind is higher than the body). We believe that such delineations lead to further splits in the human psyche and body and avoid the vast intelligence that is inherent in every aspect of reality. The mind-body connection refers not only to how the mind affects the body, but equally powerfully how the body affects the mind.

Thus caring for the body with wisdom and creating and maintaining optimal wellness is an intelligent cornerstone of consciousness development. This is supported through exercise, choosing healthy eating patterns and foods, and developing partnerships with allopathic and integrative healthcare providers. We consider breath to be our most powerful medicine. Every moment of life is precious; therefore, each breath is precious. We look for ways to breathe, move, eat, and care for ourselves that dissolve all unnecessary illness and support an energized, whole human body, mind, and heart.