Inspiration Community & Consciousness School

Inspiration is a school and non-profit community and service organization that is dedicated to serving personal, relational and planetary wellness.


At Inspiration, one of the main cornerstones of our studies is the development of the internal will and muscles to maintain a formal daily practice—sometimes called spiritual practice or Sadhana. Whatever one’s inherent talents or aptitudes focus and discipline is required to release distractions and hone the mastery of these gifts. We are aware that concert pianists, Olympic athletes, brilliant physicians, masterful artists, architects, electricians, etc., must each cultivate focus and discipline to excel at their respective vocations. Similarly, for a Consciousness School student, this involves developing the willingness and capacity to engage the teachings and practices at each moment no matter what the circumstances.

Students at Inspiration are supported in committing to a daily practice that is integral and holistic—including body, heart, and mind—in order to foster the internal environment that leads to the awakening and embodiment of a fully alive, emergent Consciousness. Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, among other inspirational figures that comprise our collective lineage, were not Christian, Muslim, or Buddhist. Rather, they were inspired individuals who practiced with sincerity, commitment, and surrender. In doing so they exemplified the spontaneous emergence of the creative life force in a human being and gave birth to new iterations of wisdom.

Inspiration students are introduced to practices from diverse lineages as well as humanistic practices with origins in psychology and philosophy. They also become familiar with emergent practices from the 21st century, from the Inspiration Consciousness School, and, eventually, from within themselves. If we want to polish the jewel inside us and let our gifts shine forth, we must acquire the training and strength for committed and consistent practice.