Inspiration Community & Consciousness School

Inspiration is a school and non-profit community and service organization that is dedicated to serving personal, relational and planetary wellness.

The Three Inspiration Doorways

We have observed that there are 3 primary doorways inviting people to the teachings and community offerings at Inspiration:

  • Physical, Emotional, and Cognitive Wellness
  • Mystical Awareness
  • Eco-social Consciousness

Physical, Emotional, and Cognitive Wellness— Each individual life impacts the whole of existence, thus the flowering of the individual serves the healing and evolution of the world. Any condition that detracts from awakened potential requires healing and transformation. This process is enhanced by presence in the three centers of human experience: the physical, emotional, and cognitive. We regard our bodies, hearts, and minds as a unified whole, each with equal importance, each requiring attention and refinement. Those who are drawn to Inspiration through the doorway of Wellness recognize a desire to pursue their optimal expression and health.

Practicing presence in all three centers transforms us. Observing and responding to the causes and conditions of our physical, emotional, and cognitive pain makes their origins and habits more transparent. No longer able to live in the shadows, our fixations release and the aspects of ourselves that are not aligned with our essential nature fall away. What remains is potency, peace, alignment, love, radiance, beauty, clarity, guidance, and joy.

Mystical Awareness—An awakened life calls for in-depth engagement with the Sacred, coupled with dynamic presence in our human existence. From the perspective of mystical awareness everything is One, arising from the creative life force. Through commitment to a path of conscious exploration, it is possible for beings to be awakened, for these qualities to take up residence in the body, heart, mind, and spirit and to guide our actions.

In the past, the pursuit of the mystical was often regarded as separate from our “normal” lives. Today people from diverse backgrounds are pursuing a spiritual path while remaining actively involved with the beauties, intricacies, rigors, and relationships of daily living.

Inspiration welcomes students from all worldviews and faith perspectives to cultivate their mystical awareness— to infuse their beings with the depth, truth, mystery, and oneness for which they have longed. The Spiritual Director holds a space in the classroom for “The God of Many Faces”—which can also mean no “God” at all. The innovative and highly experiential curriculum allows for direct contact with non-ordinary states of consciousness and encounters with the Sacred. This open approach has allowed students to discover and embody experiences such as boundless love, timelessness, unbearable compassion, inner guidance, collective intelligence, non-duality, surrender, freedom, and the fundamental unity of all things.

Eco-Social Consciousness Doorway—A primary goal of Inspiration’s mission is to bring care and attention to unnecessary suffering, whether personal, communal or planetary in nature. Our inner work helps us to develop the capacity to stay present in the face of suffering. This in turn helps us to discern what is needed and take action to transform the world around us, both locally and globally.

Those who find their calling to Inspiration through the eco-social doorway have a desire to utilize their inner work and presence to respond to suffering and to serve as active agents of transformation in the world. Embodied consciousness has a boundless generosity and potency that enables us to advocate for those who are mistreated, bring healing where needed, and cultivate a more responsible engagement with all of life. We value creative and sustaining processes that promote unity, respect, responsibility, and non-violence.