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Inspiration is a school and non-profit community and service organization that is dedicated to serving personal, relational and planetary wellness.

I am you. You are me.

This is so for us and for everything else in existence.
I am everything and you are everything.
And this everything is yearning and working to create a way to express itself uniquely through the unique form it created in each of us.
It is possible for a human being to awaken, to become fully conscious.
It has been accomplished and those who have accomplished it have told us that we can all do it.
It is possible for a human being to fully express their gifts and capacities.
Those who have accomplished it have told us we can all accomplish it, and they encourage us.

The Four Frontiers of Human Existence:

  1. The wounding of unconsciousness, whose most painful place is the core wound of feeling separate from Life Force or The Source. This is enacted or exacerbated through human unconsciousness of neglect, betrayal, abandonment, cruelty, abuse, violence, indifference, lack of nurturance, lack of encouragement.
  2. The yearning to heal and remember our True Nature and the True Nature of every aspect of existence. The yearning for all beings to have this experience. These yearnings produce a state of prayer, inquiry, intention and hope.
  3. Stillness. Silence. Emptiness. The void. This produces the capacity to listen to what really is, and what is possible.
  4. The remembering and experience of core Essence, Life Force, Chi, Shakti, Ki. When we are undefended, saying yes to each moment, letting go of resistance to Reality – then the Life Force, creativity, God if you will, moves through everything in us and about us – and wonders of love, wisdom, and presence are revealed and actualized.

The path to Embodiment of Consciousness is to be awake during any feeling or experience of a frontier – present in one’s body, heart and mind… abiding in awareness and wakefulness – allowing the experience to unfold… and unfold us.

Jessica Dibb

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